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Salianji for Lulzim Basha: It is the shame of the DP, the man who has received the most from this party

Salianji for Lulzim Basha: It is the shame of the DP, the man who has received

'Lulzim Basha is the shame of the Democratic Party', said DP deputy Ervin Salianji.

Invited to SYRI TV, Salianji said that Basha and the deputies who follow him have turned into an auxiliary formation of the government of Edi Rama.

The Democratic Party is no longer Lulzim Basha . Lulzim Basha is the shame of the DP, and is one of the biggest costs, despite the fact that he received more than everyone.

If you look at it from the point of view of power in this country, it is almost equal in power with Edi Ramë. 18 years without interruption. It has since 2005, uninterrupted and undeserved. Since he is used to undeserved power, he licks Edi Rama again to keep an undeserved power, in the same form.

I can only say one thing. It's not even worth it at all, it's the same as what more than 50 deputies had last session. The only thing that spoils them is that the public debate is taken hostage and we do not discuss the vital minimum, the concessions worth billions of euros.

It was forgotten that Vangjush Dako was arrested here, Arben Ahmetaj is wanted, money is stolen here. Ilir Beqja avoided arrest by SPAK.

Clearly today we have two big groups. An opposition group where there are several formations and political parties, which have a goal and are oppositional, is united by oppositionism.

We also have a government formation which is the Rilindja party and an auxiliary government formation with 2-3 votes which is the formation of Lul Bash ', Salianji said among other things.




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