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Tabak's three questions about the McGonigal case

Tabak's three questions about the McGonigal case

DP MP Jorida Tabaku says that Albanians deserve detailed explanations for the sensational McGonigal case, where Prime Minister Edi Rama is also mentioned.

In a post on Facebook, Tabaku raises three questions that, according to her, Albanians should know about this case.

"The lip that speaks the truth lasts forever, but the tongue that lies only for a little while." (Proverbs 12:19)

For over four years, Albanians have been poisoned by the deception that the Democratic Party is financed by Russian rubles. A stain released by malicious mouths and cooked up in the offices of the Prime Minister who have not left defamation undirected against us.

Albanians need to know who, how and what happened between Rama and the FBI agent paid by the Russians?!

Want to know how oligarch Putin got strategic investor status right after being blacklisted by the US?

Albanians want transparency about what happened to the concessions given to Russian oligarchs while they are paid with corruption money to attack DP!" , writes Tabaku.


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