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His coach confirmed it, Messi will eventually leave PSG

His coach confirmed it, Messi will eventually leave PSG

"I had the privilege of managing the best player in the history of football. That against Clermont at the Parco dei Principi will be Messi's last game with Paris Saint Germain."

With these words, the Parisian coach Christophe Galtier formalized a secret that was no longer a secret. frankly, more would be expected from a player called upon to finally bring the coveted Champions League to the French capital.

"In the first season he had to adapt, it was the first time away from Barcelona. This year he was an important element. I find that the criticisms are not at all justified, in one season with the World Cup he has incredible statistics. 21 goals and 22 assists I believe and has always been at the service of the team. I repeat, it was a great privilege not to train him but to accompany him", added Galtier in a farewell speech.

Now the different conclusions about Messi's future will begin. The hypothesis of a sensational return to his Barcelona has little basis for the economic problems of the Catalans.

There has been talk of an experience in the USA, with David Beckham's Inter Miami, even if at the moment, the possibility of replenishing the petrodollars by moving to the Saudi championship seems more likely.

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