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British expert: Albanians are always one step ahead, the new path they are following to get to the UK

British expert: Albanians are always one step ahead, the new path they are

Albanian gangsters are "always one step ahead" of British laws, an expert has warned.

The Sun writes that Albanian gangs have found new ways to send illegal immigrants to Britain.

This comes after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak vowed to deport illegal Albanian immigrants.

A third of the 33,029 migrants who crossed the Channel between January and September last year were Albanian.

The British Prime Minister promised to "increase" the number of illegals being turned back.

Sunak said: "I will work with the Albanians to put in place a new agreement that means for people coming from Albania illegally, we will be able to get them safely back to Albania and that is already happening." .

In recent years the government has sought to target criminals who control people smuggling routes from Albania to the UK.

The expert told The Sun that "Smugglers are always ahead of the government".

He explained how gangs have been trafficking Albanians to Great Britain since the late 90s.

"The use of small boats is being phased out because it is dangerous," he declared.


Identifying the two main routes used by the gangs, he explained: “Gang bosses recruit corrupt truck drivers in Belgium and France.

They then bribe him to transport people in their cargo, literally in the back of the truck.

When the truck arrives in the UK, the illegals drop it off in car parks. Then the relatives come and take them."

The source said gangs pay around £18,000 per person and the second route involves using false documentation.

He said: "Gangs have Albanians in the EU with the ability to create fake, fully biometric passports. They can also create fake driver's licenses.

Gangs pay between £2,000 and £3,000 for fake passports. Once you have one of these, just fly to London as a tourist and you're in."

He described the trade as very profitable, adding: "It's a multi-million dollar business."


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