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The mother of Sibora Gagan, the 22-year-old who was found walled up after 9 years, speaks

The mother of Sibora Gagan, the 22-year-old who was found walled up after 9

Betta Shahini has spoken to the Italian media after finding the body that is suspected to be that of her daughter, Sibora Gagan. The 22-year-old Albanian disappeared in Spain 9 years ago and is suspected to have been killed by her Italian partner Marco Gaio Romeo.

Speaking to the show La Vita in Diretta, Betta spoke about the gruesome discovery of the body, which was found walled up in the apartment she was living in at the time she disappeared in 2014 in Torremolios, Spain.

In this house, she lived with Marco, who has admitted the murder of Sibora.

" Today I went to the prosecutor's office in Anzio to provide DNA for identification. I wish they do it as soon as possible", said Sibora's mother. She has been waiting for her daughter for 9 years, a period that she says was difficult, that did not pass and that she waited from moment to moment for the daughter to enter the door of the house. "I asked Marco (at that time) what had happened, and looking at me in the light of his eye, he told me that they were busy, that she had left and that was it. All lies. Today I only ask for justice for my daughter" , said the woman.

The lawyer of Sibora Gagan's family, Emanuela di Marzo, underlined that they are anxiously waiting for the DNA results and if they are positive, the first thing will be to bring Sibora home.

However, "the hope that it may not be her, does not disappear", she added.

While in an interview for Repubblica, Betta Shahini spoke more widely about her daughter's alleged killer.

" I remember his eyes 9 years ago, he had an untroubled gaze. A face that reminds me of that of Alessandro Impagnatiello", she says, while she does not hesitate to call the 45-year-old "a specimen", saying that the harm he is causing her is such that it cannot be described.

The mother of the 22-year-old also remembers in the interview how her daughter wanted to leave her a month before she left Rome for Torremolinos. "She told me that she wanted him to leave her, then as the lover she was, she decided to leave with him." He also remembers that Sibora had spoken to her friends about the violence suffered, "despite everything, only 13 spoke after this whole damn story started".

Është një killer, e bën me vetëdije. Nëse do e kisha përballë, mund të kryeja një prej vrasjeve më të tmerrshme që ekziston”, u shpreh më tej Betta, ndërsa tha se ishte e bindur që “hetuesit do të zbulojnë trupa të tjerë. Ai është i aftë të bëjë gjithçka”.

Kujtojmë se 45-vjeçari italian Marco Gaio Romeo u arrestua për vrasjen e partneres së tij aktuale, 28-vjeçares Paula, ngjarje e ndodhur në Maj po në Torremolinos të Spanjës. E teksa shoqërohej për në polici, në korridoret e saj ai pa një fotografi të Siborës e cila prej 2014-s ishte person i humbur.

He told the officers that he had killed Sibora and that he had hidden the body in the house where they lived. Initial searches were fruitless until Tuesday, when Spanish media reported the discovery of the remains in a wooden box walled up in the house in downtown Torremolinos.

It is now expected that the authorities will do a DNA test to determine if the remains are Sibora's.

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