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The assassination lasted 120 seconds, how 'Shpati' and 'Bushi' were executed, the mistake that did not escape the killers

The assassination lasted 120 seconds, how 'Shpati' and

The barrage of Kalashnikovs yesterday morning at the crossing of Panaja in Vlora killed Shpati Lena, 37 years old, and Hakim Jezon, 34 years old.

The "Mercedes Benz C Class" car in which the two victims were traveling was shot with a Kalashnikov while it was walking. As a result, the vehicle fell into the canal.

According to preliminary reports, the perpetrators are suspected to be three as three Kalashnikovs were also found in the "Passat" type vehicle which was found burned in Frakull of Fier. Two of the perpetrators are suspected to have been in the role of the shooter, while another was the driver of the vehicle.

The whole assassination lasted at least 120 seconds from the moment when the assassins fired at the vehicle where "Shpati" and "Bushi" were located. The car lost control after the shooting and ended up in the canal.

Lena and Xhezo were not unknown names to the police. Shpati Lena in 2019, together with Ariel Kingji and the brother of 'Bush' Eduart Xhezo, were involved in the murder of businessman Arben Beqiraj in the beach area.

The incident happened after Gazmend Alushi was walking with the horse owned by Arben Beiqraj, in the bar where Eduart Xhezo, Shpati Lena, Ariel Kingji and their friends were. Beqiraj, disturbed by the sound of the horse, argued with ALushi, shooting him with his fists. Alushi complained to Xhezo and the latter together with Lena and Kingji went to Bsqiraj's bar and executed him with a gun.

 Shpati Lena was arrested on March 23, 2022 by the police and then released by the court, only after 3 days. Likewise, his friend Hakim Xhezo was sentenced to 14 months in prison for drug trafficking.

The execution of Lena and Xhezo was well thought out by the authors since Shpati Lena only used armored vehicles to move around, and didn't even move around the city much. The assassins seem to have taken advantage of the fact that Lena was traveling in a non-armored vehicle yesterday.


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