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Cocaine worth 40 million euros in the laboratory of Fier, VOA: The alert arrived from the American Dea

Cocaine worth 40 million euros in the laboratory of Fier, VOA: The alert arrived

In Albania, the Special Prosecutor's Office against Corruption and Organized Crime announced today that the amount of cocaine that was mixed with 24 tons of chemical fertilizer, seized during an operation last night, could reach 430 kilograms. Its market value, according to prosecutors, is 40 million euros.

The intervention, carried out in cooperation with the Montenegrin authorities, is the finalization of an investigation that took several months. During this time, all movements of the load, from the moment it entered the Albanian territory, have been kept under surveillance, to enable the detection of the network involved in this traffic line. Prosecutor Adnan Xholi said today that all the participants, from the financier, organizers and other members with different roles, a total of 10 people, have been arrested. A Colombian citizen is wanted, who would be committed to making it possible to separate cocaine from chemical fertilizer.

The alert about the amount of drugs had arrived from the American Dea. The prosecution explained that in May 2022, the cargo left Colombia "via a transport ship, to the port of Piraeus/Greece, and arrived at the beginning of July 2022, and from there by transport ship, after 3 days, it was sent to the port of Barit of Montenegro, and it was transported to the Albanian territory by truck in September 2022".

The load of "chemical fertilizer" was moved to different locations, in several cities of the country, to be collected later in Frakull i Madhe, in the area of ​​Fier, where the distribution of cocaine would also take place. "We have seized 24 tons of cargo, as much as was brought into Albania", declared prosecutor Xholi. The apartment where drugs were found hidden in bags of manure belonged to the former socialist head of the municipality Viktor Červanaku, currently employed in one of the energy system companies in Tirana. It was his brother, Zenel Červanaku, who had ordered the load, the orderer of the load, since in January of this year he had registered in his name a company whose activity included "Import-export and wholesale and retail trade" of chemical fertilizers and various goods, with an address in Tirana. While the financier of the shipment turns out to be Nikolin Gjolena. VOA


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