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Greek media: Beler's arrest, suspicious business deal?

Greek media: Beler's arrest, suspicious business deal?

The arrest of the mayor of Himara, Fredi Beleri, caused controversy and reactions not only in Albania, but also in Greece. The Greek Foreign Ministry and Prime Minister Mitsotakis himself demanded the immediate release of Beleri.

The Greek newspaper e-Kathimerini writes that after the stories published in the Albanian and international media show that the case may be related to the construction of a luxury hotel by the sea in Himare and the fear that Beleri may review the construction permit.

It may be about the resort of Xhaçka's husband in Himare. Specifically, Artan Gaci, Xhaçka's husband, received strategic investor status. His company "AGTTC Hotel Management" received the approval of the Council of Ministers for the use of a coastal area in Himara for the resort "Dreamades Luxury Suites" for a period of 30 years.

"The municipality of Himarë has the obligation to conclude the relevant contract for allowing the use of the sea shores and the relevant area within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of submission of the request of the strategic investor "AGTTC Hotel Management" sh.pk, with NUIS M11825022K of the beach in front of the complex, in accordance with the surfaces and the destination requested by the subject, allowed by decision no. 3/5, dated 29.3.2021, of the Committee of Strategic Investments, amended, and further confirmed by the Himarë Municipality, " it was said in the decision.

According to the Greek media, it is suspected that after the decision to imprison Beleri, it may be precisely the purpose of protecting Xhačka's husband.

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