Construction near the 2300-year-old monument in Butrint, Tare revolted: Neither the Romans nor the Huns destroyed it, but Mirela Kumbaro

Construction near the 2300-year-old monument in Butrint, Tare revolted: Neither

Researcher Auron Tare has reacted indignantly after the report of the Voice of America, according to which constructions are being erected near the Dema wall, a monumental work built about 2300 years ago between today's Saranda and Ancient Butrint.

According to Taras in a reaction on FB, this massacre is happening near a monument that has resisted not only time, but also the most barbaric hordes against civilization.

Full reaction:

On a Voice of America Chronicle.

Waiting for the barbarians

What are we waiting for gathered in this square?

The barbarians will arrive here today.

Why is the Senate idle today?

And what do legislative senators expect?

The barbarians today will reach far,

What laws can senators make?

The barbarians will make all the laws themselves.

Translated by: Ismail KADARE

The famous poem of the Greek poet Cavafy seems to have been written about one of the most epic monuments in Albanian land. Murin e Dema, a monumental work built somewhere more than 2300 years ago between today's Saranda and Ancient Butrint. A Wall built with large stones brought from the ancient quarries was erected precisely to protect the City of Butrint. At the narrowest point where the famous Lake of Ancient Pelodes (Lake of Butrint) was connected to the Sea, the inhabitants erected this monumental work where for 2300 years in a row it stood there proudly to stop the hordes of barbarians against civilization. Neither the Romans, nor the Huns, nor the Ostrogoths, the Goths, the Slavs, the Pechenegs, the Avars, later the Normans or even later the Ottomans destroyed it. The Wall of Dema has stood the test of time, arriving to this day undisturbed and unbroken by any barbarian horde. For this reason, it was included in the Map of the boundaries of the Butrint National Park.

To date.

Watch VOA footage of what's happening just 100 meters from this magnificent Monument. At the moment it seemed to me that the Voice of America had messed up the chronicle showing the bombings in Gaza. Yes no no, VOA was clear. The broadcasted footage showed what was happening in the Little Point of the Minister of Culture Kumbaro who showed not only her fellow MPs but also the public that there was nothing wrong with eating a little of Butrint's borders in the name of development. (as the poet says barbarians make their own laws)

No one spoke, fellow deputies put their heads down, where were the barbarians at the end of the day? The Bull Wall had waited in vain for many centuries and the barbarians were nowhere to be seen. Why did this Wall serve civilization? And as Cavafy sings

Because night fell and the barbarians did not come

And from the borders someone arrived and said:

That there are no barbarians there.

But now what will we do without the barbarians?


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