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Morning mail/ With 2 lines: What was important yesterday in Albania

Morning mail/ With 2 lines: What was important yesterday in Albania


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Albanian "Socrates" dies.  Goodbye Mirush Kabashi! 

Related: "Shame on Albanian politics", Mirush Kabashi  was one of the most critical voices  for the collapse of the National Theater

"Mirush Kabashi is missing",  colleagues saddened by the news : It showed that Albania has world-class actors 

The Rama-Bolino affair / Berisha publishes the document : The rent alone would amount to 1.4 million euros for 20 years

"Frozen" fuel prices  in the markets have decreased by approximately 20% in the last two months

The base of the criminal groups  in Fushë Quqe is revealed 

When will civil disobedience start? This is how Berisha answers 

Berisha after the group meeting : We will go towards a general popular protest

Testimony  of the manager of the bar where Liridona last dined 

DOCUMENT/ Liridona and Naimi had  filed for divorce  in Sweden 

America sanctions  the former deputy prime minister of North Macedonia

The skills of 15-year-old students  in math, science and reading are deteriorating 

The hearing is postponed,  Fredi Beleri refuses to testify in SPAK

Despite the objections,  the Italian government ratifies the agreement with Albania  for immigrants

The 9-month-old child risks his life,  the pharmacist gives him blood thinners instead of antibiotics ; the nurse injects him

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