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Qeveria riaktivizon koncesionin e anuluar, i hapet rruga ndërtimit të aksit Thumanë-Kashar

Qeveria riaktivizon koncesionin e anuluar, i hapet rruga ndërtimit të

Këshilli i Ministrave ka miratuar sot projektvendimin që i hap rrugë koncesionit për projektimin, ndërtimin dhe investimin e aksit rrugor Thumanë-Kashar.

Kontrata koncesionare në fjalë u anulua në vitin 2019, ndërsa buxheti i projektuar për ndërtimin e aksit rrugor, u vendos në dispozicion të Paktit për Universitetin. Ministrja e Infrastrukturës dhe Energjetikës, Belinda Balluku, u shpreh se shteti nuk do të investojë mbi kontratë.

The draft decision is approved, which paves the way for the approval of the concession contract for the design, construction, operation, maintenance and transfer of the Thumanë-Kashar road axis. There has been public debate on this issue. As early as 2019 in January, this contract was canceled because that fiscal space was made available to the university pact. We returned to this contract even after a court decision, since we are moving to new parameters. The state does not invest in this contract. The axis will be invested in the principle of concession that will invest and operate and transfer after 35 years in the ownership of the Albanian state. "The process has been done through a negotiation, and we must not forget that it is one of the most important of the blue corridor, and we aim to open the tears by 2022 to have them completed in the next 36 months",declared Balluku.

The concession contract was canceled a month after the scandal spread for a ghost company that had won a lot in the tender for the construction of the Tirana Ring Road. At that time, the name of the company 'Gener 2' was mentioned in the scandal, which was the winner of the concession contract for the Thumanë-Kashar axis.

'Gener 2' sued the Ministry on the grounds that it had caused damage to the company, and then won the lawsuit.

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