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"Distributors attract young people", Metko: This is the "red zone" where drugs are distributed

"Distributors attract young people", Metko: This is the "red

The assistant to the director of the Tirana Police, Sejfulla Metko, has discussed the danger that young people have for the distribution of narcotics in schools.

While speaking on "Top Talk", Metko stated that the most endangered are the gymnasiums of Tirana, where young people are enticed to start using narcotics. At the same time, drug dealers sometimes offer drugs for free, to attract as many people as possible.

"The police constantly follow any information about the distribution of drugs near schools. Placing security officers in schools is a step in the right direction. Drug dealers see young people in Tirana's gymnasiums as their target. Drug dealers stay near schools, but we haven't had any cases in 9-year schools recently. They mostly hang out in gymnasiums and attract young people. They frequent the bars located behind the gymnasiums. They also lure young people by offering them free narcotics," said Metko.

At the same time, he discovered some of the most problematic areas in Tirana for the distribution of narcotics.

"The most problematic areas in Tirana are the Bllok area near the nightclubs, the area near the "Petronin Luarasi" gymnasium, the area of ​​Astir, Ali Demit, Fresku, Don Bosko and recently in Kamëz e Vorë," he added. Metko.

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