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Albania faced 49 cyber attacks during 2023, 12 of them serious

Albania faced 49 cyber attacks during 2023, 12 of them serious

Last year, in what are known as critical infrastructures, at least 49 cyber incidents were managed, of which 12 were classified as high impact.

The National Cyber ​​Security Authority announced that the Malware Analysis and Digital Examination Sector has expanded its activity in a number of aspects over the past year.

According to the annual report, this sector has examined, identified and understood the nature of various cyber threats such as viruses, worms, bots, rootkits and Trojans. It has also identified critical threats stemming from Zero-Day and Ransomware Attacks.

The report underlines that during 2023 it assisted in technical and methodical support on the attacks that occurred and resulted in post-analysis technical reports for all the incidents that occurred, drawing conclusions, recommendations and specific measures to prevent similar incidents.

"He examined the incidents that occurred in Critical and Important Infrastructures using tools for Malware Analysis and Digital Forensics. Concretely, it managed to manage 49 reported cyber incidents, of which 12 were classified as high impact," the ACESK report underlines.

This authority estimates that continuous research has also been carried out on developments in the field of cyber security and has recommended security updates in cases where vulnerabilities have been found.

"There are more than 200 reports forwarded to critical and important information infrastructures only for the first 6 months of the year, this number is increasing for the second 6 months. A good part of the reports have been drawn up with the help of international sources and partners," the report states.

Institutions with infrastructure in our country are counted by dozens and include both state and private ones started by AKSHI, energy companies, banks, insurance, health, transport, water supply or companies that basically have digital aspects.

Cyber ​​security awareness has increased in recent years, especially after the summer of 2022, when a large-scale complex cyber attack targeted the e-albania platform, paralyzing services for individuals and businesses for several days.

The centralized platform for providing electronic services to citizens, businesses and public administration managed to recover after a few days as the government asked for international help to understand where the attack came from and minimize the damage.

Another security element has recently been added to the e-albania platform that requires not only identification with the usual password but also with a code that is automatically sent to the phone of the person who wants to "lock in" to the page./ MONITOR

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