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The murder of the 38-year-old, the connection with the "Arab" of Sukthi, suspected in the murder

The murder of the 38-year-old, the connection with the "Arab" of

Fatjon Dervishi, 38 years old, was killed shortly after midnight after a burst of gunfire in Katund i Sukthi. The 38-year-old died in the hospital after the serious injuries he received from the bullets.

Dervish is known to be related to a name known to the police. It is about Rexhep Rapi, also known as "Kep Arapi" or "Arapi" of Sukthi.

"Kep Arapi" was arrested in Sukth in 2021 for illegal possession of weapons.

Rexhep Arapi with the nickname "Kepi" is suspected of killing in 1991 (in March) in the Port of Durrës, for reasons of blood feud, the citizen A. Çyrbja, a resident of the village of Katund Sukth; was arrested for this crime in 1994 and was released for lack of evidence.

Also in April 1997, in cooperation with Gëzim Aleksin, a resident of Four Streets of Shijak (arrested for armed robbery and sentenced to 12 years in prison, is in the process of trial as a member of the Kanun Gang) they kidnapped the partner of business, Lul Alimadhi (Shoe Company in Sukth Center) and released him after receiving a reward of 150 million Italian liras.

Together with Zamir Çyrbe from Katundi Sukth, they killed the nephew of Çim Xhija (Lul Alimadhi's partner), who was at the same time Lul's bodyguard.

In October 2012, 280 grams of cannabis sativa were found in his bar. While during the control in the apartment, 90 cartridges of different calibers were seized.

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