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The INSTAT website has been blocked for four days, the data is being updated after the cyber attack

The INSTAT website has been blocked for four days, the data is being updated

Today, for the fourth day in a row, the website of the Institute of Statistics www.instat.gov.al is out of order. The data is not accessible because according to INSTAT's official sources, the online systems have been turned off as work is being done to update the data that was damaged by the cyber attack.

Updating the systems in order to make them functional requires disconnection, sources from INSTAT referred, as the data has been inaccessible for days.

For the second time in a month, INSTAT data and databases are not available to users. At the beginning of the month the web was blocked for 5 days by the attack of the hacker group 'Homeland Justice' who had attacked the servers and the web.

After being blocked for a few days, the data was partially restored, but in the last four days the web has not been blocked again, but this time by the IT experts at INSTAT. Sources within the institution did not give a deadline for how long the blocking will last, but they affirmed that intensive work is being done to restore data access.

Regardless of the reason, the detailed data of the country's official statistics, on population, economy, trade, education, health, etc. are not available as of Saturday of last week. At best, their absence blocks work for a series of fields and sectors whose activity is based on data processing and analysis.

Over the past weekend, Homeland Justice announced that they have full 10 terabytes of INSTAT queries, including data from the 2023 Population and Housing Census.

IT experts who have worked with public systems explained that the extent of the damage depends on the time the hacker group has been in the system. The longer the stay time, the greater the damage, which also includes access to Back-up systems. These systems serve to save data on separate servers in case of an attack on the systems being worked on.

The expert explained that hacking methods have evolved a lot in recent years, while there are very few IT professionals and system users do not have the basic culture to guard against attacks./Monitor

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