The sms of the controllers fade: Me and Lola were fired ... they touch the end

The sms of the controllers fade: Me and Lola were fired ... they touch the end

Some of the conversations on the mobile phones seized by the prosecution of the controllers in the air tower of the Mother Teresa airport have been uncovered.

From the investigative actions on Flora Ndreca's mobile phone, it has been ascertained that this citizen has communicated through the application "WhatsApp" with the citizen Gersi Spaho, to whom she writes on April 6 at 21:12; "Lola and I were fired, because we all resigned, but thankfully they were reminded to get together, it touches the end." On April 6, at 10:50, the citizen Muhin Mezini sent to the citizen Olsi Petri through the application "WhatsApp" photos of the form "at 12 I am there".

We recall that on April 7, the Tirana Prosecutor's Office filed the report material sent by Albcontrol sh.a., as well as the report material referred by the judicial police services to the Rinas Police Commissariat, through which the citizens Flora were charged. Ndreca, Muhin Mezini and Armando Fezga, as suspects for committing the criminal offense "Abuse of duty" committed in collaboration.

On April 6 at 10:49, the citizen Muhin Mezini sent to the registered contact with the name Ezi, a photo of the temporary disability form filled in on his behalf, while the interlocutor Ezi replies "it is better to write shorter" . From the content of the conversation that took place between them in the following, it appears that the citizen Muhin Mezini orients the citizen Ezi for the way of compiling the form of temporary disability completed on his behalf.

The statements prove that the citizens Flora Ndreca, Armando Fezga and Muhin Mezini, in cooperation with each other have influenced their subordinates to fill in the form of temporary incapacity for work, in order to avoid the legal obligation to exercise their functional duty. in the institution of special importance.

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