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Lajçak and Escobar with proposals, what did they ask Kurt for the tensions in the north?

Lajçak and Escobar with proposals, what did they ask Kurt for the

After more than two hours of discussions with the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, the European envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia talks, Miroslav Lajçak, and the American envoy, Gabriel Escobar, expressed hope for the reduction of tensions in the north of Kosovo.

Mr. Lajçak said that the proposals with three elements were presented at the meeting: "the first is the extension of the situation on the ground, the second is the new elections as soon as possible in the north and the return to the dialogue for the normalization of relations".

Mr. Lajçak described the discussions with Prime Minister Albin Kurti on these proposals as long, open and difficult.

The US envoy said he had never seen so much unity within the transatlantic community.

"The United States, the European Union, NATO and every friend of Kosovo has made the same demands. I hope we will be heard," said Mr. Escobar.

I want to say one thing, "I came here as a big supporter of Kosovo. We want the best for Kosovo. We want Kosovo to fulfill all aspirations. We are the biggest supporters of your security, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. All I'm asking for is to be heard," said Mr. Escobar.

Tensions in northern Kosovo followed the April 23 elections, which were boycotted by Serbian parties. Candidates of Albanian parties were elected mayors of municipalities and their sending to the municipal offices under the escort of special police units provoked reactions and groups of Serbs jumped into protests which turned violent last Monday causing the injury of 30 members of the KFOR and inciting concerns about the renewal of the conflict in the region.

Groups of Serbian citizens, since May 26, gathered every day in front of the municipal buildings to oppose the entry into the offices of the Albanian mayors.

The United States and the European Union ask Kosovo for the temporary transfer of the new presidents to other alternative offices, and as Mr. Lajçak said on Monday evening, there must be presidents who have legitimacy in the north.

Meanwhile, Serbia is required to withdraw the Serbian armed forces stationed near the border with Kosovo and reduce the state of readiness, maintain the peace of the protesters in the north and ensure the participation of Kosovo Serbs in new elections./ REL

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