Beniada Nishani for Armaldo of 'BBV': It's like baklava, like kadaif

Beniada Nishani for Armaldo of 'BBV': It's like baklava, like

Guest in this episode of 'Ndryshe' was model and presenter Beniada Jakic. The beauty obviously could not escape the 'spicy' questions of Salsano and Adi regarding her personal life, 'Big Brother Vip Albania' and not only.

Which surname do you prefer Beniada, Nishani or Jakic?

"Both. I have Nishani in my passport, but I have Jakic from my grandfather and I have it as a memory."

What is her biggest dream and who does Beniada choose between television and modeling?

"My biggest dream is Sanremo, in the presentation why not. I speak Italian very well. I see myself better in moderation, on television. I am happiest when I am on television."

How does Beniada feel since the beginning of this new edition of 'BBV', the residents of the first edition have been left in the shadows?

"True, I'm happy to think that everyone has their own journey and even though a year has passed I still have my commitments. This program reminds us all of the most beautiful moments. I'm not sorry. Once for us , once for Louis. The world is round."

Who are her favorites in this edition and the least liked?

"I sympathize with Luiz, yes, and I really like Maestro, he's super gallant. Let it be 'chik baklava, chik kadaif', it's 'funny'. A slightly off person that I can do more is Amos, I had higher hopes . It looks like it barely got in."

Beniada could not leave without talking about her private life where, among other things, she revealed a little more about her relationship.

"I have a boyfriend. My mother knows that I have. Parents are always the first. I am American, Albanian of America ."

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