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Olsa Muhameti talks about the collaboration with Kiara Tito

Olsa Muhameti talks about the collaboration with Kiara Tito

Last year, 'Cape of Temptations' was broadcast for the first time. The program was recorded on warm summer days, in a luxurious environment, with several young men and women, all single. They lived with each other for 20 days, having fun through different challenges but not only, the goal was to resist the temptations in the hot summer days.

Meanwhile, this year it seems that there will be changes and the main innovation is the participation of well-known characters. It will be broadcast from the beginning of July and will be Prime-Time on Sundays. The program will be moderated by Kiara Tito and authored by Olsa Muhameti.

The latter spoke today on "Albania Live" revealing some details about the program. She revealed that Luizi will be part as a special guest that will bring some situations that have remained open. Asked about the cooperation with Kiara as a moderator, Olsa said that they do not know her very well, but said that so far the cooperation is going well.

"Kiara and I knew each other very little, we have never worked together, we have been together for 5 days, I like that she is professional, she does not reflect her fame on us or on the staff, she is modest, she is the first to come to the shooting set . It is correct, it is a participant in all links of the program, it is a beginning of cooperation." - said Olsa.

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