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Artificial intelligence "could replace 300 million jobs"

Artificial intelligence "could replace 300 million jobs"

Artificial intelligence could replace around 300 million full-time jobs, a Goldman Sachs report said.

According to the findings in the report, technological advancement could replace a quarter of the tasks of workers in the United States and Europe, but also means the opening of new jobs and new space for productivity.

The report also stated that such a replacement could increase the annual production of goods by 7 percent.

It mentions that the ability of artificial intelligence to create content indistinguishable from human work is a "major advance".

Carl Benedikt Frey from the University of Oxford, told the British broadcaster BBC that, "there is no way to know how many jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence".

"For example, what ChatGPT does is it allows more people, with little writing skills, to create essays and articles."

"Therefore, journalists will face more competition, which may affect the reduction of salaries, unless there is a large increase in demand for such work."

The Goldman Sachs report mentions that the impact of artificial intelligence will differ depending on the sector - 46 percent of administrative jobs and 44 percent of jobs in legal professions will be able to be automated, but in the construction and maintenance sector , such replacement may affect 6, respectively 4 percent of jobs.

According to the report, 60 percent of people today have jobs that did not exist in 1940.

However, in some other researches, it has been said that the technological changes since the 1980s have affected the removal of people from work, faster than new employment opportunities have been created./REL

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