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Iran will give the "proper" answer to Ukraine for reducing diplomatic presence

Iran will give the "proper" answer to Ukraine for reducing diplomatic

Iran's foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said Tehran would give "a proper response" to Ukraine's decision to scale back its diplomatic presence in protest over drone shipments to Russia.

According to the government news agency IRNA, Kanaani was quoted as saying, on September 24, that Ukraine should "refrain from the influence of third parties that seek to destroy relations between the two countries."

Ukraine said on September 23 that it will significantly reduce the number of diplomatic staff at the Iranian Embassy in Kiev and revoke the accreditation of the country's ambassador.

Kanaani said Ukraine's decision was "based on unconfirmed reports and resulted from a media hype from foreign parties."

Iran has in the past rejected accusations by the US and Ukraine that it is supplying drones to Russia.

On September 14, the Ukrainian military released images of an Iranian drone known as Shahed-136. Ukraine said it has for the first time encountered an Iranian suicide drone used by Russia on the battlefield.

In July, US intelligence warned that Iran was planning to send hundreds of drones to Russia for use in the war in Ukraine.

Iran initially denied the accusations, but the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard recently boasted that his country is arming the world's major powers./ REL

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