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The Kremlin accuses Biden of "demonizing" Russia

The Kremlin accuses Biden of "demonizing" Russia

The Kremlin has accused the American president, Joe Biden, on Thursday, that he intends to demonize Russia, to win more funds from Congress, to continue the war in Ukraine.

According to Moscow, these actions are tantamount to burning American taxpayers' money in ovens.

Biden on Wednesday asked Republicans for additional military aid to Ukraine, warning them that Russia's victory in Kiev would allow Moscow to attack NATO allies and risk drawing US troops into the war.

However, Senate Republicans have blocked Democratic-backed legislation that would have allocated billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, saying they want to advance tougher border policies.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has accused Biden of trying to persuade US lawmakers to do something Moscow believes only prolongs the war, which Russia says it must win to protect its own security.

" We feel very sorry that the American leadership continues its tradition of using Russia as a tool for internal affairs ," Peskov said.

Putin sent troops into Ukraine early last year, sparking a war that has killed and injured thousands and resulted in the biggest confrontation between Russia and the West in six decades.

The West has given Ukraine more than $246 billion in aid and weapons, but the Ukrainian counteroffensive has failed to bear fruit, and Russia continues to control about a fifth of Ukrainian territory.

Russian President Vladimir Putin calls the war a "special military operation" to demilitarize Ukraine. The West has responded to Russia, hitting the economy of this country with harsh sanctions. As a result of the war, thousands of people have died and millions more have been displaced from their homes./REL 

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