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Boat sinks south of Rhodes, no sign of missing migrants

Boat sinks south of Rhodes, no sign of missing migrants

The search for migrants missing after the overnight boat capsized south of Rhodes has so far been fruitless.

According to the information, an extensive effort by the Turkish port and military authorities to enter the investigation has been observed and they have remained for some time in international territorial waters.

The search and rescue operation south of Rhodes began in the early hours to save about 80 people who were on a boat in international waters and within the Greek area of ​​responsibility for search and rescue. So far, a total of 29 people have been rescued, while according to the testimonies of those rescued, the rest are missing.

Most of the rescued are Afghans, while among them there are Iraqis and Iranians. According to the coast guard, only a few of them were wearing life jackets.

Earlier, Coast Guard officials, speaking to kathimerini.gr , reported that according to evidence, there were between 60 and 80 people on the boat. According to the first information from the coast guard, it was a relatively small vessel in which such a large number of people could not board under any circumstances.

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