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The NATO summit, Biden shows the new commitments to strengthen the alliance

The NATO summit, Biden shows the new commitments to strengthen the alliance

The NATO Summit is taking place in Madrid, where the leaders of the countries participating in the alliance have gone.

US President Joe Biden has spoken alongside NATO Secretary General. Biden listed new troop movements, equipment deliveries and military installations aimed at demonstrating the importance of security as Russia's war in Ukraine continues.

"The United States and our allies are growing and proving that NATO is needed now more than ever and is as important as ever," Biden said.

He said the US would set up a permanent headquarters for the Fifth Army Corps in Poland, maintain an additional 3,000-strong rotating brigade in Romania, increase rotating deployments to the Baltic states, and send two additional squadrons to F-35 fighter jets in the UK and additional air defense station and other capabilities in Germany and Italy.

"Together with our allies, we will ensure that NATO is ready to face threats from all directions in every field, land, air and sea," Biden said.

He praised the progress of diplomacy with Turkey that has paved the way for Finland and Sweden, two long-neutral neutral countries to join NATO, saying it sent a clear signal to Russia that the alliance was united. and growing.

"Their decision to move away from neutrality and the tradition of neutrality to join the NATO alliance will make us stronger and more secure and NATO stronger," he said. "We are sending an unmistakable message in my opinion ... that NATO is strong, united and the steps we are taking during this summit will further increase our collective strength."

Biden said the expected acceptance of the two Scandinavian countries was a sign that Putin's goals had failed.

"I said Putin was asking for the Finnishization of Europe. He was going to take over the NATOisation of Europe, and that 's exactly what he did not want, this is exactly what needs to be done to ensure security for Europe. And I think it' s necessary." , he said.

Source: CNN

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