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Record heat across Europe, Italy restricts drinking water

Record heat across Europe, Italy restricts drinking water

The fierce heat wave has caused temperatures in Europe to rise well above the June average for many countries, in some cases up to 20 degrees.

Norway recorded a temperature of 32.5 degrees in Banak on Wednesday, which is said to be the highest temperature ever recorded within the Arctic Circle in Europe, and significantly higher than the June average of 13 degrees Celsius.

Poland saw temperatures reach mid-thirties on Monday, and parts of East Germany saw some countries reach 37C. June temperature records were also broken in Slovenia and Croatia, while Bosnia and Herzegovina saw temperatures below 0.2C below the June record of 41C, writes the BBC

 Hundreds of mayors in Italy have already had to limit their use of drinking water.

We can not rule out "water restriction during the day" in relation to the drought that has hit various areas of Italy, said the head of Civil Defense, Fabrizio Curcio, underlining that in the coming weeks we will have clear measures and will we can declare a state of emergency. "

In 2022, there were more than double the number of fires compared to 2021 and more than six times more than in 2020.

Extreme heat has also spread to North Africa, where temperatures in Tunisia equaled its monthly record of 48.7 degrees Celsius on Monday.

Numerous storms meanwhile are expected over the weekend, with noxious hail, thunderstorms and strong winds.

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