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Ministerial of Ministers of Economy, Rama: EU needs the Western Balkans as much as BP needs the EU

Ministerial of Ministers of Economy, Rama: EU needs the Western Balkans as much

The Ministry of Finance and Economy organized today in Tirana, the Forum of Ministers of Economy entitled, "Common regional market - a step towards the EU Single Market", within the framework of the Berlin Process Summit that will be held on October 16.

Prime Minister Rama, who presided over the meeting, stated that the European Union needs the Western Balkans as much as the region needs the Union. Rama said that the Berlin Process Summit will have to discuss something new that was unimaginable 5 years ago.

The Prime Minister emphasized that it is now time for the union to move forward.

"Yesterday I had the pleasure of having a very exhaustive conversation with our friend from the government of France and I must say that it was a conversation that 5 years ago would have been impossible to have. Things have changed and we see with great interest that in the EU there is a much stronger conviction and they are more open about the importance of the Western Balkans for the EU.

Today the EU needs the Western Balkans as much as the Western Balkans needs the EU. We are here with ministers and prominent officials from BP countries and the EU to discuss the most essential topics of this process that includes strengthening our economies including the connection with the EU economic sphere.

The summit will have to discuss something completely new that 5 years ago was unimaginable, the EU's future plan to support the Western Balkans by opening up in several ways that will bring us closer to the EU, while as for the merit-based integration process, each country must do its own tasks. Phased integration into the common market promises to give us an invaluable insight into the economic growth of the Western Balkans in the next 10 years. It's time to move forward together and make sure that promising words lead to promising deeds.

We may still have unresolved issues in this region, but through this process we have learned that the only way to get along is to agree as much as possible on the things we can do together.

We have seen more and more how important it is to address our issues. The better the atmosphere of cooperation, the stronger the bridges between our countries, the better the space to deal with the most difficult issues" , declared Rama.

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