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Rama: Albanians leave in rafts because they hear rumors that Britain has shortages

Rama: Albanians leave in rafts because they hear rumors that Britain has

Prime Minister Edi Rama was asked about the departure of Albanians in dinghies to Britain in an interview for the radio show "The other part is politics" by Alaister Campbell and Rory Steëart.

According to Rama, the departures by rafts are sad, while he questioned the numbers of Albanians leaving.

"By dinghy, which is actually a sad story for truth's sake, although not very clear because there are figures we see in the British media that don't correspond.

"The Guardian" published a very interesting article which questioned the numbers, but beyond that we need to know where the people who are leaving are from, they are Albanians, yes, but they are Albanians from Albania, Albanians from Kosovo or other Albanian-speaking lands, they they come from Albania or from France, Greece, or Italy.

We had the same situation with France a while ago, with Germany as well and when Germany declared Albania a safe country of origin, they no longer agreed to follow the asylum seeking procedures which also provide for social assistance, funding and housing, they headed towards France , they are now heading to England, so it is important to understand, but regardless of this, we are cooperating with the British authorities, they are undertaking operations against traffickers because the most terrible part of this story is the flourishing of a very profitable business by traffickers.

Because after a rumor comes out, some go and word gets out among relatives that Great Britain now offers opportunities because a gap has been created that we can fill ," said Rama.


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