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"Xibraka", Çuçi: For us it is exhausted, there is no reason for debate

"Xibraka", Çuçi: For us it is exhausted, there is no

The head of the SP parliamentary group, Bledi Çuçi, has shown why the request for a motion with debate regarding the 'Xibraka' case cannot be included in the agenda.

From the Assembly, Çuçi said that the issue in question has been exhausted in the investigative commission set up in 2018 and that for the socialists it is no longer an issue that needs debate.

"We really discussed this issue at the Conference of Presidents, our position was clear, we did not even accept the agenda, as it is a widely discussed issue both in the judicial bodies and in the parliament. If you read the reference, they are connected, starting with the Habilaj group, which has been widely treated, to continue with Xibraka, which has been investigated and judged, and above all, a political debate has been held in parliament on this matter.

We remind you that in 2018, an investigation commission was set up that at least exhausted the political debate on this issue. For us, this issue no longer exists, therefore there is no reason to have a motion, a debate on this issue ," said Çuçi.


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