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Will I enter politics?/ Argita Malltezi: I will not hesitate to do what is necessary

Will I enter politics?/ Argita Malltezi: I will not hesitate to do what is

Argita Malltezi, during the press conference with Berisha's lawyers, was asked if she will enter politics, she said that she will not hesitate to do what needs to be done.

"Today I have no doubt about the capture of the justice system in its entire chain. For the capture of the Supreme Court, for the capture of the Constitutional Court. But it is the duty of each of us to believe and hope for normality.

We fight the battles day by day. This is a battle to win. We will win this battle once and I have no doubt that we will win, regardless of the modalities and ups and downs we will have," said Malltezi.

"I have never categorically said no, I have said that politics is not in my future plans. I think that everyone's contribution can be even without engaging in politics, supporting certain causes. It is understood that I am a politically engaged person due to family circumstances.

Regarding the circumstances, I will not hesitate to do what I have to do," Malltezi emphasized.

"Edi Rama wants to win the elections without a fight. Of course, Edi Rama knows that he is already facing a real opposition. Gone are the days when the opposition was bought in secret bargains. This is a real battle and it is impossible for Rama to face it.

Time will tell if PD will rise to the vitality necessary to face this regime that must be uprooted by any means," she declared.

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