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Ice cream, pistols and the "hut" of justice

Ice cream, pistols and the "hut" of justice

By Luciano Boçi

It looks like the title of a western movie, but it is the living reality of a swamp-democratic country.

The new institutions of the "shack" of justice (Galigat) of this country never cease to make news.

The newly appointed revolutionary guard of the "hut" is ready to do everything to preserve the fruits of the pink revolution in Albania.

It is this guard that has undertaken to keep Edi Rama in power at all costs.

And it is this guard-justice (injustice) that is carefully curating the delicate balance in the struggle for power within the majority, taking super special political functions, supposedly fighting corruption.

While he continues to sharpen the political machete against the opposition.

Today, the special Court of Appeal again left the leader of the opposition in custody without any legal argument and without considering at all that there is no criminal fact that could justify the arbitrary measure of arrest.

According to the expression "O hut where you gathered us", within the courts of the special prosecution, it is very difficult to distinguish where one begins and where the other ends.

They compete with each other only one point. In the zeal they show to please the political boss as much as possible.

Special lepepecists, dirty horsemen, and zealous Spaks, compete to see who violates the right more brutally, to increase the days and laughs of the one who polled them.

They are so similar in the way they politically interpret justice rather than injustice, that someone who doesn't live in Albania would say that Rama himself probably put them out of his nose.

Even the head of SPAK himself accepted this in euphoria.

Their political ferocity towards Berisha immediately changes color, like that famous letter-covet of the chemistry class that changes when it goes from an acidic environment to an alkaline one, as soon as it is placed in front of Rama's "ice cream".

Rama's acolyte, who has been caught red-handed in electoral crime, in criminal cooperation, in massive corruption with Veliera and without the veliera, will be dismissed with a ridiculous accusation of "abuse of duty".

And this in Durrës and Albania, big and small knew it. Akollorja came in with the promise from behind that he will throw anything at him. And today it became a reality.

So, what is the new justice of the Albanian democratic swamp? And in order not to go further, it is enough to listen to the concrete facts denounced today by the head of PL Ilir Meta.

He directly accused Rama's gunslingers in justice and their political cowboy actions undertaken with the subjects and objects of the law, with concrete events, not sparing filmic epithets, as to shed more light on the adventure that the guards have undertaken to carry out. young people of the pink revolution.

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