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Alliance for Theater open letter to ambassadors: You are hypocrites, you are with the mafia rulers

Alliance for Theater open letter to ambassadors: You are hypocrites, you are

The Alliance for the Protection of the Theater has sent an open letter to the international diplomatic missions in Tirana, after condemning the violence and the violent actions in the protest by the citizens in front of the bashia where the resignation of Erion Veliaj is demanded. 

From the Theater Protection Alliance.

We, a citizen group, who find ourselves in the Theater Protection Alliance, as initiators of the protests in front of Tirana City Hall, have the full moral right to respond to your concerns about the "violence" exercised on April 19.

First, what you label as violence, was nothing compared to what happens in your democratic countries, from which we always have something to learn and where some of us are also citizens. It is the right of citizens to revolt in any country of the world, when they see that policies and politicians are against their interests.

Secondly, we want to remind you of our civic protest in defense of the National Theatre. A protest, where citizens were involved regardless of political colors. We protested in an exemplary manner, in the most peaceful way for two and a half years, a rare thing even in your countries with consolidated democracy. We protested with culture and performances, supported by your citizens all over the world, supported by international organizations and associations, which declared the National Theater an asset of European cultural heritage.

What was the government's response?

Unprecedented destruction and violence, violating all national and international laws. Destruction at 4.30 in the morning, during a pandemic and with people still inside. Archives, costumes, props, which were values ​​of special importance for a country like Albania, were buried under the ruins.

On your part, not only did you not react, but on the contrary, with your silence and in some cases even directly, you gave justice to state abusers, legitimized violence and were against peaceful protesters.

You didn't even react when the Commissioner of the European Commission for Culture, Marija Gabriel, who, together with other MEPs, appealed for dialogue between the parties until the arrival of an EP delegation, nor when the MEPs strongly condemned the barbaric event of May 17, 2020.

And despite that, you did not react either to the barbaric act of demolition, nor to the beginning of the demolition while there were artists and citizens inside it, nor to the violence that accompanied its demolition.

In the same way, you didn't even react to the violence against AMT activists on 19.12.2020, a matter which was referred to the Accusation Body, and about which we still have no information to this day.

As a result, today Tirana is the only capital in Europe without a National Theater, without cinemas, circuses, libraries, museums, puppet theatres, with a lack of schools, kindergartens, nurseries, playgrounds and sports.

Thirdly, we have been protesting for over seven years, conducting a legal battle in the justice bodies, "reformed" by the international community. The violations of the decisions of the Constitutional Court by this corrupt government are obvious.

We do not protest for our own interests, but for the public interest, the public land, which, as it is happening recently, is stolen to forgive the corrupt and the mafia. Corruption and theft in the Municipality of Tirana are screaming and the mayor Erion Veliaj is undoubtedly responsible (no less his boss Edi Rama), but you apparently only see the "violence" of the protesters and not at all the violence and arrogance of the thieves.

When you wanted to, you also violated international conventions, interfering in the internal affairs of the Albanian state, while in the case of scandalous thefts in the Municipality of Tirana, you defended the thieves.

Fourth, we believe that you know that Albania has turned into a country where money is laundered before your eyes, where the corruption of the rulers in cooperation with the mafia is eroding this country. Where laws are openly violated, where justice is politically driven, where political warfare is unfair, where elections are stolen in broad daylight, where crime and drugs rule the law, where old children are kicked out of their homes with gas at 5 in the morning in Astiri , 5 Maji, Bregu i Lumi, Shkozë and surprisingly all this violence doesn't impress you, but you worry about some flakadas (most of them are used every night at birthday parties).

When the government violates laws and regulations, it is a legitimate right of citizens to revolt and react with any means to protect their interests.

We find your reaction not only inappropriate, but also hasty from a diplomatic point of view, and there are two conclusions: o you are hypocrites, o you have agreed with the Albanian mafia rulers, who have no qualms about corrupting all those who stand in their way of their illegal enrichment and disrespect for the law.

Finally, we guarantee you that the protests will continue even harder, if there is a need, if there is no reflection on the part of politics and justice bodies, to bring to justice the unscrupulous thieves of public property.

We invite you to put pressure on the authorities to reflect, before things escalate worse.

We are more determined than ever to take our Cause to the end, as a Cause in favor of the public interest and in compliance with the decision of the Constitutional Court.

The theater there and as it was.

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