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Alizoti for the RAI3 documentary: We are led by a thief with a group of robbers

Alizoti for the RAI3 documentary: We are led by a thief with a group of robbers

DP MP Tomor Alizoti has commented on the documentary published by RAI3, which characterized the General Secretary of the Council of Ministers, Engjëll Agaçi, as a lawyer for drug traffickers.

In an interview for News 24, he said that the documentary published by the Italian media shows that Albania is a mafia and dangerous country and that we are being led by a thief with a group of robbers.

The DP deputy further added that the media is of great importance and that now the government media will come out and say that the opposition is not doing it, but according to him, the problem everywhere is the government, not the opposition.

Tomor Alizoti : There is no one who does not understand that Albania is immersed in great corruption. RAI showed that Rama is a thief with a group of crooks. He is a thief, who pays the media and lawyers with his money to write positive articles about Albania. The situation in Albania is scandalous. A lot of attention has been paid to the media, because the media can shift attention away from a scandal. We remember that Arben Ahmetaj made serious accusations and analysts came out who declared that the accusations are politically motivated, this is the effect of the media.

We have an incriminated state, that tomorrow again in the media the officials of the majority will say that it is not the opposition, but everywhere in the world the problem is the government and not the opposition. If you go to Albania with a file that reveals facts, etc., you are in danger, because our country is mafia and dangerous. This is what RAI says. We know where politicians live and what life they lead. People should protest because they are being blatantly and criminally robbed.

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