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Balliu for the attack in Kosovo: Serbia has been stealing foreign land and killing Albanians for hundreds of years

Balliu for the attack in Kosovo: Serbia has been stealing foreign land and

The Organizational Head of the Democratic Party, Klevis Balliu, has reacted to the current situation in the north of Kosovo, where he says that it has been known for hundreds of years who the Serbian state is.

Through a post on social networks, Balliu says that Serbian crime does not know how to stop.

According to Balli, for hundreds of years, from Milosevic to Vucic, Serbia has been stealing foreign lands, falsifying history and killing Albanians, and this, according to him, should be punished.

Balli's reaction:


Today's Martyr

he is the son of a Kosovar mother.

The gang is in Belgrade.

The killers are in the monastery.

But who are responsible?

For all knowledgeable minds and honest and pure national and international consciences, there were and are no illusions about what the Serbian state really is.

It is hundreds of years before Milosevic and his criminal heir Vucic that Serbia steals foreign land, falsifies history and kills Albanians.

It has no real collision power, but it functions as the equally criminal daughter of Pan-Slavic, terrorist Russia.

For those who show illusions up to the idea that Serbia can break away from the above history, they will end up being complicit for today's event and for others that Serbo-Russian logic reserves in the Balkans.

All illusionists are not the same, some of them are naive politicians and lack leadership skills.

There are people among them poorly educated, in history and political ideology.

There are some of them who are in the service of any country that wants a strong Russia in Europe and therefore serve Serbia.

There are some of them who are mirfils in deep Russian-Serbian secret channels.

There are some of them who make this format fresh, thinking that the main thing in Kosovo is the fight to be in the government.

All these must be stopped and unmasked in detail, with names, and Kosovo and the entire Albanian world have only one goal, the triumph of the state of Kosovo.

Which has an altar in front of it like the son of the Kosovar mother and there is only room for them and for no one else to appear and be believed.

Serbian crime does not end and our war should not end.

It is the time of need for eagles and not passengers on airplane diets.

It's time to think how America thought about Milosevic.

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