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Basha signs an agreement with the Association of Fasons: Within the first mandate salary 400 €, three points that promote development

Basha signs an agreement with the Association of Fasons: Within the first
Lulzim Basha with the Association of Fasons

The leader of the Democrats, Lulzim Basha, signed today the agreement with the Association of Fasons. The DP leader highlighted the concerns of this sector such as the price of energy and oil, the increase of the flat tax from 10% to 15% and the progressive tax.

"I remember the first meeting when the decision was made to increase the price of energy, followed by the increase of the price of oil, indisputably the change of the profit tax going from the flat tax then 10%, to the tax 15%.

Progressive personal income tax, a completely wrong and punitive change in the attitude of the inspectorates towards you, starting from the tax authorities to the labor, environmental inspectorates, which have become a daily stress for the Albanian entrepreneur, and in particular for you ", said Basha.

The latter promised "the modernization of your production lines which will make it possible for you to be uncompetitive in the region".

Basha said that the increase of salaries is one of the main objectives of the PD program, and therefore promised that "in the first year the minimum wage will be 300 euros and in the fourth year of our government 400 euros".

Another point the Democrat leader emphasized was the flat tax. He said that with the flat tax of 9%, contributions 18% and the abolition of the "Rama tax" on fuel, the tailoring sector will undergo change and development.

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