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Berisha comments on the results of the elections in Kukës

Berisha comments on the results of the elections in Kukës

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha said that the loss of the opposition candidate in the partial mayoral elections in Kukës came after the SP distributed large sums of money for a week in a row.

During an interview on Syri TV, Berisha said that Rama will stay in power for a very long time if the Albanians do not remove him.

He added that the opposition won the Municipality of Shkodra on March 6 because then the Bajra criminal group was in prison and according to him, Rama released them before these elections.

" They have distributed bags of money for a week in a row. There are two ways, one is to buy the vote and they take the card so you don't vote, the second way is to buy the vote. With Rama, I guarantee every Albanian that there will be no elections.

We won Shkodra on March 6 because the Bajres were in prison on March 6. He released them from prison. Safet Bajri was in prison with Tahir, he took them all out and they terrorized Shkodra, together with Pëllumb Gjoka. Enver Bajri with 6 armored cars goes from one polling station to another. We will show them, we have footage. On May 14, the opposition voted 600,000 against this government. Rama only with the envelope of 50 thousand lek sent to 600 thousand pensioners, public purchase of votes.

Together with the salary increase, he affected over 800 thousand voters. Tom Dosh's party grew 240% from 2021 to now. If we do not remove Rama, I guarantee that even in 2045 he will be alive, he will be in power" , Berisha said.


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