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Berisha attacks Ilir Rusmal: He is an electoral criminal, he dreams of becoming the People's Advocate

Berisha attacks Ilir Rusmal: He is an electoral criminal, he dreams of becoming

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, today attacked the member of the Complaints and Sanctions Commission at the CEC, Ilir Rusmali, who, according to him, legitimized the voting in Rrogozhina prison where the SP candidate overturned the result in the race for the Mayor of this city.

"Each day, the usurpations of mandates come to light, other ugly acts of the regime come to light to control the will of Albanian citizens at any cost. These last 2-3 days, the KAS of the party has proven to be a blind institution, an institution that kicks electoral truths, an institution that is headed by a former close associate of mine, dismissed for corruption and now loses any kind of norm, principle and rushes against the winning candidates how and how to make it possible with meanness, with his criminal attitude towards the law and the truth. "This person, by order of Edi Rama, legitimized the center set up in the prison in Rrogozhin without any decision and no bylaw of any institution for a voting center," said Berisha in the meeting with his deputies.

According to Berisha, "the same scenario was used by the electoral criminal Ilir Rusmali, who dreams of becoming a people's advocate for the merit of being dismissed for corruption, also in Dumre where Bedri Qyp's mandate was stolen. Meanwhile, 16 votes of Bedri Qyp have been declared invalid because they only had one stamp on purpose. While the votes marked "success" were valid for the electoral criminal Ilir Rusma li.

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