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Berisha warns the police: Do not touch peaceful protestors because you will be separated very badly

Berisha warns the police: Do not touch peaceful protestors because you will be

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, returned to the arrests of several protesters last night, after the opposition's protest ended.

Speaking at the civic gathering held below his apartment, Berisha warned the police not to touch any protestor with their hands as there will be consequences.  

Berisha : As true Albanians, you were not deceived, you were not afraid, but last night you stood and gave a clear message to Albania and the world that we are here, standing, that we are on our mission in the battle without return, for the free vote, our dignity, pluralism, democracy, for ourselves, our families, for the future of youth and Albania.

Thank you very much friends, unlimited gratitude to all of you who, with your courage, enthusiasm, volcanic energy, made the capital of the country more beautiful, grander than ever, inaugurated for the Albanian citizens the sacred mission of returning the free vote to the Albanians and the victory opposition plebiscite.

I have a special appreciation for the central and local leaders of the DP and all the organizers of the hurricane that on February 20, turned Albania on the road to victory.

To all our members, sympathizers, supporters who gathered yesterday in Tirana, together with the opposition people and changed history.

A special appreciation for the DP deputies who first started the battle without returning to parliament and civil disobedience and with an act of high responsibility, decided to unite in diversity, under the roof of their house, revitalized our whole big family and not alone.

The unity in the diversity of DP deputies has already introduced Albanian politics and democracy into a new era, the fruits of which you will see when we return to power.

A special thanks to all our opposition allies for their contribution.

Our union is Albania's victory.

Dear friends!

On your behalf I want to send you a greeting and a hug to all those resisters who were barbarically arrested and mistreated by thugs in uniform and tell you that we are all with you and warn the thugs, do not touch peaceful protesters because you will break up very badly.

Do not touch peaceful protestors because you cannot imagine what you will suffer.

Civil disobedience knows no strength and no limit that it does not conquer.

Do not follow the orders of criminal ministers who defend their crimes. Release the peaceful protesters immediately.

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