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Berisha: Rama transports drugs with his 'Ismail', we continue our battle for the technical government

Berisha: Rama transports drugs with his 'Ismail', we continue our

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has again thrown serious accusations at Prime Minister Edi Rama, regarding his private flights with the luxury charter 'Ismalin'.

Speaking from the civic gathering below his apartment, Berisha accuses Rama of transporting narcotics.

Berisha : Edi Rama with his private plane, it turns out that he has traveled 3 to 7 times more than any prime minister in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

What are these trips? They are a part for work. The others are transport trips.

It is widely said that tons of drugs are transported with his 'Ismail', which is named after Ismail Qemali, who has only himself as a friend in history.

Tons of stolen euros are transported. Tons of narcoeuro are transported.

So in 18 months, 140 trips.

Therefore, Taulant Balla is appointed to destroy TIMS so that no traces of these trips can be found.

But here I tell him, that he will be investigated for each of these trips.

And that, my friends, is a terrifying statistic. They say that more diplomatic suitcases are sent from Albania than from 30 countries combined.

That's because Ismail's diplomatic suitcases carry drugs, crime, crime, drugs.

Therefore, the public trial, the public prosecutor is the only way to condemn these thieves who steal and hide with their Skapi, with their justice.

Tonight I am here to tell Edi Rama that there is no force in the world that can save you from justice.

That your crime in Albania and the world will be punished with the greatest force of the law.

In closing, I thank you very, very gratefully.

I invite you to continue this battle without return, this battle towards victory.

The battle for the technical government, the battle for the technical government, for elections without Edi Rama, for the free vote, for the victory of the opposition.

Long live you, long live DP, long live the Albanian opposition.

Long live our flag, the flag of victories!





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