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"Battle for Mayor", Vokshi supports Belind Këlliçi: He has always managed to win, even though he has the state machinery in front of him

"Battle for Mayor", Vokshi supports Belind Këlliçi: He has

Democratic MP Albana Vokshi, during a meeting that is taking place this Saturday with the candidate of the "Together We Win" coalition for the Municipality of Tirana, Belind Këlliçin and the youth of FRPD, has called for support for the former MP.

She said that he is a young man who accepts challenges and always succeeds.

" Democracy is not a tradition, it is raising your voice, action, action, and who better than you young people can do this. Especially today, because it is you who, with your energy, can fight this monism that Rama has established.

I am convinced that Kelliçi will win the municipality, because he has won all the competitions. He had an excellent result in the 2021 election campaign, where there was a difference of votes even between us, he won the races for the National Council, and now he could very well stay until 2025 as a deputy, but he decided to leave the mandate of the deputy and to enter a difficult race ", says Vokshi.

According to her, Këlliçi will emerge victorious in these elections, even though there is an "entire state machinery" in front of him.

" Confrontation in this race is not easy, because there is not one candidate in front of you, but an entire state machine. There is a candidate who is being held by gangs, who should have been brought to justice. But I am sure that with your support he will succeed. I invite you to come together, because together we win" , she said.

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