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Boçi: The thug of the theft is released, the leader of the opposition Berisha without any evidence

Boçi: The thug of the theft is released, the leader of the opposition

The vice-president of the Democratic Party Luciano Boçi made a statement to the media saying that the release of Vangjush Dako is the next sign that there is no law in Albania, but custom-made justice.

" The Democratic Party, - underlined Boçi, - has raised the alarm about the misuse of SPAK and the new justice courts as blind tools in the hands of the crime party and will be the last to remain silent in the face of arrest of the justice system by Edi Rama.

Dako's convalescence from the detention suite, specially set up for him and other socialist officials, in the conditions of the house, is the signal that Edi Rama sends to his collaborators: with little expense, and if he adheres to the code of Omerta, that is; sew your mouth shut, you'll throw it away!

Dako was not released because he allowed the procedures to be exceeded, but because he implemented the law of Omerta, of silence, of Edi Rama.

Dako was not accused of his serious crimes that weighed on him, such as the concreting of Durrës and the well-documented monstrous electoral crime, but of extra charge and 'abuse of duty'.

He was not sent home because there is no evidence, but because he gave proof of loyalty to the party and Ed.

Loyalty, which is based on the principle: let our new justice act as if it is hitting us, so that through it we can hit political opponents and be in power as much as we want.

Vangjush Dako is the face of the power that Edi Rama has built in Albania since the time he ran the municipality of Tirana. He cannot be punished because he is a friend of Rama, his collaborator, but above all in complicity and knowledge with him.

Edi Rama does not allow Gjushi to be punished. He, several months in detention, as in the time of the communist fathers, considers him as a 'frame in circulation'. While the leader of the theft of the elections and the concreting of ancient Dyrrah is sent home, the leader of the opposition, Sali Berisha, is kept in solitary confinement, without any charges, without any evidence.

The postponement of yesterday's hearing on the measure of Sali Berisha, on the pretext that she was busy with another hearing, by the judge with two identities Gjoka-Maneku, and the haste to release Dako, shows that the judges of Rama are no longer hiding in the bias of their clear political.

Such people will fall with their master. Battle without return! Civil disobedience! Today or never! is our answer. "

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