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"More than 41,000 businesses will benefit", Këlliçi presents the tax and fee program

"More than 41,000 businesses will benefit", Këlliçi

Belind Kelliçi has presented his program for supporting small and medium businesses through the reduction of taxes and fees.

The candidate of the "Together We Win" coalition had a meeting with representatives of businesses and promised that if he is elected Mayor, then he will remove the temporary tax for educational infrastructure.

Kelliçi stated that this tax has taken 42 million euros from the citizens since 2016, where a significant part has ended up in the pockets of the rulers.

Another of his promises was a 50% reduction in the fee for cleaning and greening.

"We have never seen a meeting of the municipal council, no discussion on the problems of citizens or businesses. Businesses have faced a 10-fold increase in taxes. The history of these 10 years has been a history of persecution for 54 thousand businesses in the capital."

"This time will end because I declare that small and medium business will be my priority as the next mayor. Together we will reduce taxes and local fees, not only that our credo as a political force is for low taxes. You will find in me a very trusted ally." said Kelliçi.


The much talked about tax which is the temporary education infrastructure tax.

With Belind Këlliç as mayor tomorrow, it will be zero. It is unconstitutional. It was proclaimed as a temporary tax. It took 42 million euros from our citizens from January 1, 2016 until now.

It is claimed that 17 schools were built with 42 million euros. In relation to the price and construction costs, there is no rational logic as to how to build a school in the EU with 600 thousand euros, while in Albania with 2 million euros. I think that after May 14, this tax will be charged.

The agricultural land tax will become zero for the part belonging to the municipality.

The hotel accommodation tax will be reduced by 30%.

The information board tax will be reduced by 30%.

Land tax will be reduced by 30%

The tax on the building will be reduced by 30%.


The cleaning and green fee will be reduced by 50%

The fee for occupying public space will be reduced by 50%

"There are over 41,000 small and medium-sized businesses that will benefit from this package of reductions. Large businesses will also benefit. The reduction in taxes will at the end of the day increase revenues in the municipality's coffers, because low taxes make businesses pay them. Tirana Municipality has a budget of nearly 240 million euros."

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