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Gjekmarkaj: Albanians are being expelled by the socialist government, which arrests the leader of the opposition without charge

Gjekmarkaj: Albanians are being expelled by the socialist government, which

The Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Agron Gjekmarkaj, said that nothing prevents the majority from making resolutions on any topic they want, but a "two-sidedness" is not enough to stop corruption.

Gjekmarkaj said that the opposition will remove from their seats those who are desolating Albania today.

"On the anti-corruption resolution If I had been in this hall in the fall of 2013, with the responsibility of the deputy, I probably wouldn't have had big prejudices about a resolution like today's.

Once I think everyone should be trusted, because mistrust is turning into a virus for our society. Faith is a virtue, a social value, betrayal of it is a vice. His repeated carriers guilty to her. You could also call it the resolution of well-being, good behavior and kindness, who is stopping you?! You can also make a resolution about global climate, polar bears, penguins and the nutritional value of carp, you have the votes, do it!

You are governing, who prevented you from governing well, the lack of resolution?! Who encouraged you to run from scandal to scandal, from theft to theft, from robbery to robbery, this two-page text?!

For those of us who have lived in this country for 11 years, this initiative is the most challenging, cynical, provocative paradox when bad governance tells us about good governance, when the corrupt invite us to become more honest, when the unjust tell us our life has meaning just for justice, when the defendants accuse us of lack of knowledge, when the talavarezhinje for lack of elite knowledge?! Of course you need patience. Descendants of those who led to concentration camps, to depersonalization, mental and physical limitation, to national inferiority if the illusion of Europe were to give Europe lectures, parables of integration with resolutions disintegrated from reality.

Truth takes root in feeling. Show your humanity for once. There begins your conversion to Europeans. Until now you are janissaries of neo-communism.

At least one of you should come out and apologize to Europe and America with the servility that characterizes you when you need it for all that rhetorical garbage that your relatives threw at them for decades, that you are someone's son, someone's grandson.

Escape once and for all, hide from the criminal pride of the past. Reflecting on guilt is purifying.

Communism investigators talk about justice reform, this is enough to cast a shadow over it. The masters of the Constitution and the institutions talk to us about harmony and respect for them when today Albania has everything formal, only on paper. You think you are individuals?! You are biologically alone and you are cards in the hand of the Lord.

Our country even has the painful truths on paper. The majority laughs at them.

Albania is emptying more than the official figures give. Albanians are being expelled by the Socialist Government, the Prime Minister, Edi Rama, the misbehavior that never becomes a good government, they are deporting his ministers with elastic stomachs and shiny heads, their directors and his, the Zabërhan mayors who throw millions of euros into the campaign for you multiplied by the theft of public money, the delayed justice is expelling them with 125 thousand files, which require 25 years to be tried, the justice, provincial and corporate which arrests the leader of the Opposition without charge, without proof without investigation" , declared Gjekmarkaj.

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