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"The next crime of the municipality of Tirana", Kelliçi: It is intolerable to see human bones wrapped in bags

"The next crime of the municipality of Tirana", Kelliçi: It is

The member of the Presidency of the Democratic Party, Belind Këlliçi Belind Këlliçi, denounced the Municipality of Tirana for the situation in the Tufina cemetery.

In a statement from the blue headquarters, he said that it is unacceptable and intolerable to see such images, with garbage and bags that wrap human bones.

He called on SPAK to investigate the case.

Full statement: 

I want to start this statement with an apology to all the citizens who follow us, for these shocking images that we are showing, but the Albanian citizens and in particular the residents of the capital, must know the truth and who is running the Municipality of Tirana today.

This institution, unfortunately for us, has already turned into the den of dark news and this ghastly sequence. In the institution where the troubles and problems of about half of Albania's population should be solved, not only are citizens systematically robbed, but today we are scandalized by a macabre event, which is on the border of crimes against humanity. The next crime in the Municipality of Tirana, this time has nothing to do with the living, but with those who have left this world. These images were published yesterday evening, by the investigative show "Piranja", in the cemetery of Tufina.

In these terrible scenes, which we can only see in horror movie scenarios, or scenes recorded in the field of world wars, the remains of children who lost their lives a few years ago are clearly visible. It is unacceptable and intolerable to see the images of some garbage bags, wrapping the bones of people with and without names, as well as the terrible images of soldiers killed in war, thrown by the enemy at the front. This barbarism, this monstrous violation of human dignity, takes the Municipality of Tirana to another podium, from the most corrupt institution in Europe, to the most barbaric institution in Europe!

Throughout history, the manner in which those who have escaped this world are treated has often testified to the degree of civilization of society. What we saw from the investigation of the "Piranja" program is a macabre crime, the denial of which shamelessly adds disgust to the lack of humanity and the violation of written and unwritten laws. The mistreatment of dead bodies, early or late, causes a revolt, which starts from the depths of our psyche, because it goes against the basic expectation of citizenship to treat the dead with respect, honor and dignity. There are no words that can justify the inaction of the law enforcement bodies in this case. The Democratic Party would report Erion Veliaj to the SPAK again this week, since according to the law, exhumations are done with the permission of the Mayor and the deposit is made in a specific building.

SPAK would actually have to land last night in the offices of the Tirana Municipality and make an example of those responsible for this unimaginable scandal, which has shocked every citizen of Tirana and not only. But apparently, the lethargic sleep that has caught the prosecution body, and the fear of the mayor of Tirana, continues to keep this institution on the side of criminals and the corrupt.

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