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Incinerators/ Kryemadhi: SPAK to stop payments, all procedures have been violated

Incinerators/ Kryemadhi: SPAK to stop payments, all procedures have been

The MP of the Freedom Party, Monika Kryemadhi, appeared yesterday at SPAK to testify about the affair of the incinerators and the evidence she submitted.

Invited to the News 24 studio, Kryemadhi warned that she will submit new evidence about the affair. According to dpeutete, the least that SPAK can do today is to stop payments to incinerators, since in reality there is no recycling there.

 Kryemadhi added that the videos he made in the landfills show what happens in the places where waste should be incinerated.

"I was called as the person who filed a lawsuit against the Tirana incinerator. the reaction of the prosecution came as a result of that material that we presented, that material about what happened to the remains in Tirana. What comes as a result is that all the procedures for concluding an illegal contract have been violated, in order to further these payments that begin until the conclusion of the contract. I think it is a process that should have been done in time, but better late than never. I'm waiting. The least that should happen to this incenetaor is to stop payments. The contracts for the Fier and Elbasan incinerators have expired. For Tirana, it is a different case, as it concerns a crime scene that will continue for 30 years. Yesterday's testimony was interesting in what we have as evidence, the film footage. The filming that was done at this time clearly showed that there was no differentiation and recycling. It is one of the scandals happening in Tirana. Yesterday's case, the depositions have to do with changing the fate of a concession", said Kryemadhi.

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