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"It happened more than 130 times", Berisha publishes the video: The operator in Kamëz votes for the citizen

"It happened more than 130 times", Berisha publishes the video: The

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha continues to denounce what he calls the electoral massacre that happened on May 14.

Berisha has published several videos on the show "Open" where it is claimed that it was not the citizens who voted in the local elections, but the operators.

According to Berisha, this happened in Kamez, where, according to him, an operator voted 130 times.

" The voter came in, she doesn't vote, but she is responsible for voting, this happened in Kamza. I have information that there were cases when an operator voted 130 times. This time it's not text messages, but polling station cameras. We also denounced with names. The operator has no business going there ," said Berisha, among other things.

" The final decision will be made after analyzing all the data we have. A significant number of mandates have been taken from Together We Win. 9,600 voters in Durrës turned out to have voted without being verified. No doubt this changes the outcome. We are now rolling out walk-in voters for each precinct. These are ghosts who in a verification done, a director of the municipality of Tirana had registered 16 people in his 4 empty apartments..." , said Berisha.

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