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Kaso explains two reasons why Berisha's parliamentary mandate does not burn

Kaso explains two reasons why Berisha's parliamentary mandate does not burn

The Secretary for Legal and Electoral Affairs in the Democratic Party, Ivi Kaso, is convinced that Sali Berisha's mandate will not expire due to the measure of arrest.

Invited to A2 CNN, Kaso explained that there are two elements on which he bases his judgment. One is related to the causes of absence in the Parliament hall, which according to the Constitution, must be without reason. 

"The Constitution emphasizes it without reason. We have a consolidated political position that Mr. Berisha is in an unjust political prison. Mr. Berisha has chosen to exercise his mandate as a deputy and, to my knowledge, he has requested 3 times to participate in the sessions of the Assembly, permission to which he was denied".

The second element, according to Ivi Kasos, is related to the exercise of the functions of the deputy, which he says Berisha exercised even under house arrest.

" He chose to exercise that mandate in other forms, that is, through communication with voters, being an active part of other parliamentary initiatives, such as those of legislative proposals, requests for interpellation, all of which are determined by the law on the status of the deputy as a parliamentary activity. So Mr. Berisha is exercising parliamentary activity".

As Berisha continues to remain under house arrest, the elections are approaching and Kaso demands reflection from the majority to complete the electoral reform.


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