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Kelliçi submits new evidence for the incinerator and Eco Tirana to SPAK

Kelliçi submits new evidence for the incinerator and Eco Tirana to SPAK

The member of the leadership of the PD Belind Kelliçi has informed that today he submitted new evidence to SPAK regarding the affair of the incinerator of Tirana and ECO Tirana.

In a statement from the blue office, Kelliçi said that the former Ministers of Finance, Cani and Ahmetaj initially opposed the granting of the concession, since according to them, the investment foreseen by this study could easily be afforded with budget funds.

Belind Kelliç's full statement:

Today I am again in front of you to finally dismantle with documents, with indisputable facts, with voice and image, the fraud of Erion Veliaj regarding the study of the World Bank and IFC, proposed 1 year before the chief fraudster Veliaj took office in the Municipality Tirana.

In February 2014, IFC submitted the feasibility study for the waste management project to Tirana Municipality.

The investigative data collected by the Prosecutor Dritan Prençi, prove that this study is the starting point of the procedure of granting a concession for the treatment of waste in the Sharra landfill.

Former Ministers of Finance Cani and Ahmetaj initially opposed the granting of the concession, as the investment foreseen by this study could easily be afforded with budget funds.

Erion Veliaj publicly often referred to this study, confirming that the estimated cost for waste treatment was 38 euros/ton, but deliberately hiding what these costs would cover.

I invite you to follow Erion Veliaj's deception with sound and image regarding this study:

Contrary to what the actual owner of the Tirana Incinerator claims, on page 4 of this study it is exhaustively clarified that the Municipality of Tirana in 2014 was thinking of awarding a concession not only for the disposal and treatment of waste but for the entire chain, we quote:

Tirana Municipality seeks to improve the waste management system, with the participation of the private sector. To achieve this goal, the Municipality of Tirana is considering granting a concession for the management of solid waste in the territory of this Municipality.

The aim of the project will be:

a) Street cleaning service

b) Waste collection and transport

c) Expansion of the existing landfill by increasing storage capacities

d) Depositing waste in the landfill

The above makes it clear that the 38 euro/ton cost estimated by IFC included not only waste treatment, but the entire treatment process starting from street cleaning, waste collection, transportation, storage and finally their treatment.

The cost according to IFC was divided into two components, the analysis of which is done in point 3 of the study, we quote:

Operating and maintenance costs:

12 euros/ton for waste treatment in Landfill

26 euros/ton for waste collection (this cost is determined based on the international standards of this industry)

Today Tirana Municipality, contrary to Erion Veliaj's public deception, pays 29 euros/ton for waste disposal and treatment in Sharra landfill and 16,700,000 euros (referred to PBA 2024-2026) for street cleaning and waste collection, which from year 2024 are paid to another ECO TIRANA monopoly.

According to IFC study data and data over the years, Tirana Municipality handles no more than 250,000 tons of waste per year, and if we were to do a simple math, the cost of cleaning and collecting waste would be 66.8 euros/ton with VAT (16,700,000/250,000), bringing the cost of waste treatment for the entire chain from 38 euros/ton to 101.6 euros/ton with VAT.

Erion Veliaj, as the de facto owner of the Tirana incinerator, with his active actions and personal will, has doubled the costs of waste treatment through two corrupt procedures, that of granting the waste treatment concession at the Sharra landfill to the company INTEGRATED ENERGY BV SPV and the procedure for granting the city cleaning monopoly to the company ECO TIRANA.

This material, as well as the IFC feasibility study of February 2014, was officially forwarded today to SPAK and Altin Duman, so that the so-called "new justice" can do its job.

Erion Veliaj must go before justice and the law not only as the de facto owner of the Tirana incinerator which has so far stolen 132 million euros from Albanians' money, not only as the head of the infamous 5D gang, but also for the criminalization of the construction industry, paving the way for money laundering by Europe's most dangerous criminal groups.

I take the opportunity to invite the citizens of Tirana to protest in front of the Tirana City Hall, on Friday, June 21, at 11:00 a.m., for the immediate removal from office of the biggest thief our country has ever seen, Erion Veliajt. Oh today, oh never.

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