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Kelliçi: Protest until Veliaj goes to justice

Kelliçi: Protest until Veliaj goes to justice

The member of the Presidency of the DP, Belind Kelliçi, said that the protest in front of the Tirana City Hall building will continue every Friday until the mayor Erion Veliaj is brought to justice.

Kelliçi, who was invited to MCN, emphasized that until now the head of SPAK Dumani has only stated in words that he is not Veliaj's colleague, but in his actions he is his subordinate, or in other words "he is behaving like an employee of UKT ".

" That protest will continue until Veliaj goes to justice. It will continue every Friday. Today there will be a meeting of the Presidency to decide on a national protest. But we will not stop, this protest will be done systematically, until the justice bodies act. For no official until now, justice has not had this reluctance to mention his name. 8 hours after being questioned, Veliaj said that I went to my colleagues.

The next day, Veliaj made fun of Duman and went to plant trees. Duman rightly said that my colleagues are the SPAK prosecutors. In words, Dumani has said that I am not a colleague of Veliaj, by deeds he is an employee of Water-Sewage, a subordinate of Veliaj. Prove it with actions, not words.

This is not labeling and attacking Duman, this is a public call. We have become assistant prosecutors and OPGJ, taking the work to SPAK. We will ask for an account for this work we have done. But not to act with double standards. It is voluntary work that has been done. It is the fruit of a year and two months of reading, material processing, they are lawyers, accounting and financial experts, who are part of the PD expert group" - said Këlliçi.


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