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Corruption, Vasili: SPAK must react and see how "the chosen ones of the Renaissance" are being sued

Corruption, Vasili: SPAK must react and see how "the chosen ones of the

The vice president of the Freedom Party, Petrit Vasili, has taken a critical stance towards SPAK as he has stated that corruption in Albania is widespread in all institutions of the country.

In the News24 studio, Vasili also stopped at May 14, which he described as an extraordinary day to restore accountability.

"We are all four parties together, that is, the DP led by Sali Berisha and the ball is not moving" , said Vasili while emphasizing that a very important force like the DP was kept out of the register in a mafia manner.

"The EU has set a price ceiling for energy until the end of 2024. Albania has endless possibilities to produce all the energy in the country. There is a sector here that is criminally managed. They procure with 270 euros, while Europe has set a ceiling price to avoid mismanagement. But the mobsters rule here and they don't give an account. Therefore, May 14 is an extraordinary day to restore accountability so that it is not considered normality.

We are all four parties together, that is, even the DP led by Sali Berisha and the ball does not move this. I believe you have not forgotten March 6. A very important force like DP, in a mafia way, was kept out of the registration, but there is no problem, since there are 61 candidates of the 'Together We Win' coalition .

'Together We Win' is very strong optimism, this 80% dissatisfied mass will react. We will go to elections where there is no social class that will be calm. Even a well-paid man leaves the country because he does not feel safe. 85% of people are panicking. We have the most frightening depopulation. We are like in '91. This 'Renaissance' that has the powers and the justice is in charge in front of the Albanians. We are going to a "Together We Win" sigle. PD of Alibeaj has only hindered our cause. Any sacrifice is nothing before what the citizens expect. Citizens want a different government. Albania is one of the three countries with the most serious risk as far as concessions and PPPs are concerned, this is what the World Bank has said, and as far as corruption is concerned, the American State Department says that corruption is widespread., said Vasili.

The PL vice president said that impunity in the country has returned to normality and that this cannot be tolerated by the justice institutions.

 Vasili did not spare his criticism of the Rama government, saying that the elected officials of "Rilindja" are being accused one after another.

"We have never had a problem with funds, the campaign does not need funds. They need luxury. They said; We will bring Korçe water at a low price, but where is it? Now we have water on a schedule. Those necessary minimums, we as a political force have a fund that we legally benefit from, and we don't need anything else.

One in five mayors of Rilindës are accused and sued. So it seems they are a gang. The opposition has never slandered, it has denounced with facts. We have denounced big affairs. SPAK has moved its finger for the Elbasan incinerator, but for Engjëll Agac, there was also one in Përmet.

 Exchanges of fire at a distance with the prime minister and former ministers, but shouldn't this SPAK move? There is no shame in having been sent documents. Impunity has become 'concrete', SPAK must react and see how Rilindien's elected officials are being sued", said Vasili.

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