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Vjosa River a National Park, Malltezi: Oil pollution must be canceled, until then you are a fraud to the public

Vjosa River a National Park, Malltezi: Oil pollution must be canceled, until

The member of the National Council of the Democratic Party, Jamarbër Malltezi, has commented on the government's decision to declare the Vjosa valley a "National Park".  

In his "Facebook" profile, Malltezi has raised the question of why the map of the National Park has not been published, to determine which area will be protected and will not be allowed to be polluted.

He pointed out the problem that the oil industry discharges waste, as well as the waste water of dozens of villages is discharged into Vjosa.


The Vjosa River was declared a National Park 3 days ago. Where is the map? Which part is protected? Pollution is not allowed in the National Park, but:
1. Sewage from Gjirokastra, Tepelena, Permet and Memaliaj (as well as dozens of villages along the road) are discharged into Vjose (0 sewage treatment plant)
2. The oil industry discharges waste from the extraction of oil (eg Gorishti) - 0 treatment plants for polluted water before it is discharged into the water
3. The quarries of Piro Lutaj's brother in Pocem and Kapllan-pallati in Varibob near the edge of Vjosa and they do not feel at all about the law that they give bribes and votes.
4. What about HEC Kalivac and HEC Pocem, which Rama gave to the Turks, what is being done? HEC in the National Park?
Vjosa: Park or facade? Is the MAP of the National Park public? Is it allowed to pour city sewage into the National Park? Is it allowed to pour oil waste into KP? Are quarries that take river gravel allowed in KP? Are hydropower plants allowed in KP? These are not allowed. Quarries, HPPs, oil pollution and the start of sewage treatment plants should be cancelled. Until then, you are fooling and mocking the entire public.

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